Privacy Policy

Cookies are files (especially text files) containing IT data, which are stored on the User's device. Their aim is to allow appropriate usage of the Website. Cookies usually contain the name of the website, from which were downloaded, time of their storage on the device and assigned data (such as session number). Entity that stores Cookies on the device and then gain access to them is:

  • a) operator of the website eTravel S.A. seated in Warsaw (00-807), Al. Jerozolimskie 96, Poland;
  • b) cooperating service/marketing companies (Third-party cookies).

Cookies are used for:

  • a) adjusting content of the Website to the preferences of the User and optimizing the usage of the websites; particularly those files allow to identify the User's device and appropriately display the website, adjusted to his/hers individual needs;
  • b) creating statistics which help to understand, how User's use the websites, which allows upgrading their structure and content;
  • c) maintaining User's session and ensuring functioning of all Website's features;
  • d) delivering more adequate marketing materials to the User

The Website uses three main types of cookies: session cookies, persistent cookies and third-party cookies. Session cookies are temporal files which are stored on the User's device until logging-off, leaving the website or closing the browser. Persistent cookies are stored on the User's device for the time settled in their parameters or until they are deleted by the User. Third-party cookies are files generated by servers of suppliers or marketing servers (e.g. maps placed on the websites, social media plug-ins etc.) that cooperate with the owner of the given website. Those files allow to adjust advertisements – thanks to which some websites are free to use – to the preferences and customs of the users. They also allow to assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns (e.g. they count how many people clicked a given advertisement and visited the website of the advertiser). Data contained in third-party cookies is managed by the third-party, according to their own privacy policy.

The website uses the following cookies:

  • a) Strictly Necessary Cookies which allow to use services available on the Website, e.g. certifying cookies which are used for services that require certification, or cookies that maintain User's session;
  • b) Performance Cookies which allow to gather the information about the usage of the Website;
  • c) Functionality Cookies which allow to "remember" User's settings and to personalize the interface, e.g. the language or the region of the User, appearance of the website, font size etc.;
  • d) Targeting Cookies which allow to provide Users with advertisements that are more appropriate to their interests.

In many cases the web browsers by default allow the storage of cookies on the User's device. At any time Users can change their settings concerning cookies. Especially they can block the automatic storage of cookies in the web browser settings, or set, that they should be informed every time, when the cookie is stored on device. Detailed information about possibilities and methods of servicing cookies are available in the browser's settings.

The Website Operator informs, that restrictions in the use of cookies may affect some of the functionalities available on the Website.

Cookies stored on the User's device may also be used by partners and companies cooperating with the operator of the Website.

More information about cookies is available in the section "Help" in web browser's menu.