(Corporate Social Responsibility-Społeczna Odpowiedzialność Przedsiębiorstw)

Way of conducting business where enterprises freely care about social interests, employees’ well-being and ecology. eTravel employees are full of energy and committed to CSR, thus many engage in pro-ecological and social projects. In eTravel, people full of energy and committed to CSR issues work. That's why many of us are involved in pro-social and pro-environmental projects.

Polish Humanitarian Action

We have supported crowdfunding of Polish Humanitarian Action. With this initiative we have helped people who had suffered in war or natural disasters. The main objective was to provide access to fresh water for people suffering in Asia and Africa.

Szlachetna Paczka (Noble bundle)

eTravel has actively supported an annual action run by Stowarzyszenie Wiosna. With our employees’ and the company’s commitment we have been supporting people all around Poland with donations and gifts.

Paczka dla Bohatera

At our office we held a donation for veterans. With this action we have collected large amount of food products and chemical articles and donated it to heroes who had fought for freedom of Poland.

Animal shelter “na Paluchu”

We have also not forgotten about our quadruped friends. Our employees have organized donation and a fundraising for animals of an animal shelter in Warsaw called “na Paluchu”. With this donation animals have received winter clothing, food and some other special animal accessories.

Gdańsk Business Run 2018, Warsaw Business Run 2017

Our sports team took part in two editions of Business Run. Traditionally this event takes place on the first weekend of September. In the first run we put two 5-people teams. Year later there was so many participants we had to make as much as three teams.

Run & Cycle competition

We constantly encourage our employees to do physical activities, hence, our internal sport competition has been organized. The competition takes place in two categories: cycling and running. Our most active employees receive prizes for their effort. Every month there are a few dozen participants from all our branches across the whole country. Beside sports aspects of the competition, which leads our employees to keep being fit all year round, we also promote the most ecological means of transport.

Football tournaments

Inside eTravel organization a football team has been composed and it took part in a few football tournaments. A group of coworkers has been gathering after hours in order to train hard once a week. Despite tough opponents from around Poland, we have accomplished group advancement in all tournaments we took part in.

We are eco-friendly

Every day we promote eco-friendly solutions in our organization:

  • waste segregation,
  • collection of bottle caps, which are later donated to charities,
  • paper savings by limited printing and limited paper invoicing,
  • energy and water savings.