Sustainable business travel


We assess and report on our ESG (environment, social and governance) performance through EcoVadis, the global leader in business sustainability ratings. In our latest rating, which was completed in May 2024, we earned a Commitment Badge which demonstrates our progress toward sustainability.

Zrównoważone podróże służbowe. Współczesne podejście do biznesu

A modern approach to business

Environmental protection and social responsibility are key pillars of modern business, which focuses not only on technology but also on rational resource use, ensuring a balance between economic, social, and environmental aspects.

eTravel is increasingly seen not only as a leader among business travel companies but also as a key partner that helps achieve sustainable development goals. Among the initiatives we undertake are educational activities, careful selection of products we offer, and supporting social initiatives.

We prioritize education

The driving force behind change is promoting knowledge and solutions that will allow for the sustainable use of resources for future generations.

eTravel has been organizing and participating in conferences for years, where together with our partners, we educate on sustainable development. Recently, during the Business Travel Meetings held in Warsaw, Gdańsk, and Katowice, we discussed biodegradable fuels (SAF) and offsetting carbon dioxide emissions generated during flights. We emphasized how investments in modern aircraft fleets can reduce fuel consumption, and consequently, reduce the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. We also presented how our integrated technological solutions support more efficient resource use.
Zrównoważone podróże służbowe. Współczesne podejście do biznesu

We choose green

Combining business needs with environmental care and social welfare also involves proper product selection. By using our booking platform Corporate Travel Assistant (CTA), our clients can make more responsible decisions regarding business travel, such as choosing green airfares. An eco-friendly fare allows for carbon dioxide offsetting and ensures emissions-neutral flights.

As part of our support for more conscious choices and better organization of business trips, upon the client's request, we provide carbon footprint reports when purchasing air and train tickets.

We start with ourselves

In our headquarters in Warsaw and branches in Gdynia, Krakow, Rzeszów, and Prague, we strive for a sustainable approach to resources. We apply water and energy-saving principles and actively engage in reducing the amount of unnecessary document printing through business process digitalization.

A healthy body means healthy mind! Among our employees, we promote a healthy lifestyle and sports activities. Regular team building events are an opportunity to try out new disciplines and engage in friendly competition. Within eTravel, there is also an active amateur cycling group.