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The basic activity of eTravel S.A. is selling tourism services with the use of new e-commerce technologies. For 15 years, primarily as Netmedia and now as eTravel S.A. we operate in all segments of tourism market and we have the greatest experience on this field in Poland.

As a one of the leaders on the tourism market in Poland we are specialized in servicing business travels, based on our own, innovative reservation systems and experienced team of consultants. In our product offer one can find: selling accommodation in hotels all around the world, selling airline and train tickets, organizing events and conferences, selling cruises, holiday tours, travel insurances, rent-a-car and others. We also own platforms designed for individual clients: www.hotele.pl, www.lataj.pl, www.rejsy.pl. Another aspects of our activities are providing travel agencies with innovative solutions for complex a service, and running affiliation programs for our partners.

Our mission

Our mission is providing clients with the best service in attractive prices with the use of innovative technology. We realize those tasks thanks to a large scale of operation, our competencies, experience on the tourism market and advanced reservation systems.

The structure of Capital Group
(November 2017)

eTravel S.A.
(Grupa Travel Sp. z o.o. merged with eTravel S.A. on June 1, 2017 r.)
(Company’ wallet includes firms listed below)

Bankowe Biuro Podróży TravelBank Sp. z o.o.

FlyAway Travel Sp. z o.o.

Bocho Travel
Sp. z o.o.

Sp. z o.o.

Marco Polo Travel
Sp. z o.o.

Sp. z o.o.


August 2011

Formation of the company

November 2011

Acquisition of tourism company: Bocho Travel Sp. z o.o. (100%)

January 2012

Acquisition of portal: eFly.pl

February 2012

Acquisition of tourism company: TOL Sp. z o.o. (100%)

February 2012

Acquisition of tourism companies:

  • Netmedia Business Travel Sp. z o.o. (100%)
  • Marco Polo Travel Sp. z o.o. (100%)
  • eHotele.pl Sp. z o.o. (100%)

November 2012

Merge with eHotele Sp. z o.o.

November 2013

Merge with TOL Sp. z o.o. and eMarketing Sp. z o.o.

January 2014

Take-over of operations of Lataj.pl portal

October 2015

Merge with NBT Sp. z o.o.

December 2015

Acquisition of tourism company: Travel Service Sp. z o.o.

January 2016

Acquisition of tourism company: Grupa Travel Sp. z o.o.

April 2016

Merge of Grupa Travel Sp. z o.o. with Travel Service Sp. z o.o.

September 2016

Acquisition of tourism company FlyAway Travel Sp. z o.o.

December 2016

Acquisition of control package at Prosferi Sp. z o.o.

June 2017

Merge of eTravel S.A. with Grupa Travel Sp. z o.o.

August 2017

Acquisition of tourism company – Bankowe Biuro Podróży TravelBank Sp. z o.o.



eTravel S.A. is the only dedicated partner of global consortium Egencia (by Expedia, Inc) in Poland.


Superior goal of this project is to maximize savings of the global corporation and to provide a complex service of business travels of all employees from all branches all around the world.

Expedia Corporate Travel - Egencia joins the experts, international suppliers and trusty travel agencies, that lead in the field of modern technologies, optimizing costs of business travels and who provide the widest range of offers. Experience in the field of Global Travel Management, easy to use internet tools and complete service - and all this with maximization of the value of invests in business travels.

Egencia provides also the access to advanced technological base – reporting, analytical and comparative tools. Furthermore it gives also the control over expenses and coordination at the every step of travel.

More information about Egencia consortium can be found at www.egencia.com

Lufthansa City Center

eTravel S.A is also a founder member of the chain of travel agencies Lufthansa City Center Grupa Polska, that consociates 16 travel agencies in the largest cities of Poland.


Lufthansa City Center Grupa Polska is a part of the global chain of travel agencies, that are specialized in complex service of business travels in large corporations and in optimizing their costs. It is operating in 77 countries and consociates over 590 agencies. Detailed information about Lufthansa City Center can be found at: href="http://www.lufthansa-city-center.com" class="link nowrap">www.lufthansa-city-center.com

Lufthansa City Center is a synonym of international quality standards, professional service and orientation to the needs of Corporate Client.

Supervision of the owner

Warsaw Stock Exchange

The owner of eTravel S.A. is Netmedia S.A. which is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Netmedia S.A.


Warsaw Stock Exchange

NETMEDIA S.A. Group has taken twice the first place in the prestigious rank „Deloitte Technology Fast 50 - Central Europe” in the years 2010 and 2011.


ISO 9001-2015 PCI DSS

Certificate confirms the compliance of Quality Management Systems implemented in eTravel with ISO 9001-2015. The unit that certifies eTravel S.A. is United Registrar of Systems (URS).

eTravel S.A. posiada międzynarodowy certyfikat bezpieczeństwa przetwarzania danych kart kredytowych PCI DSS, zapewniając najwyższe standardy bezpieczeństwa procesów powiązanych z płatnościami kartami kredytowymi

Management board of eTravel S.A.

  • Andrzej Wierzba

    Andrzej Wierzba

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Janusz Zapęcki

    Janusz Zapęcki

    Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

  • Marian Szypuła

    Marian Szypuła

    Vice President, Chief Supply Chain Officer

  • Adam Bereza

    Adam Bereza

    Vice President, Chief Sales Officer

  • Tomasz Szczęsny

    Tomasz Szczęsny

    Vice President, Chief Customer Officer

eTravel S.A. Team

Professional team